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carpenter bees

Carpenter Bees are known for their habit of excavating holes in wood. They prefer unpainted, weathered wood, favoring softer varieties of wood such as cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine. Pressure-treated and painted wood is much less susceptible to an attack. Common nesting sites include wooden shake roofs, decks, outdoor furniture, siding, and more.


Termites are at risk for accessing and eating away at the home or building structure all year round.

If signs of a termite infestation are present, such as mud trails, soft wood, or bubbling paint, give us a call.

We can help by providing methods of Prevention, or if there's already been an infestation we are here to provide Extermination services, and have a license to Rebuild.


These ants can pose serious threats, causing property damage to homes/buildings. They excavate wood in to build their nests, resulting in a smooth tunnel inside the wood. Similar to other wood destroying insects, the soundness of wood can be compromised over time. They prefer wet or damaged wood as a result of leaks, so they can be found in doorframes, crawlspaces, sinks, and tubs. It is not uncommon to have multiple nests inside the structure inside as well as outdoors. They're known as "silent destroyers" and may be noticeable by spotting sawdust falling through the cracks the ants have created.

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